Set Out of Office Reply as an Admin

You might be able to set the automatic reply in Outlook yourself, but what if you become ill or injured, and can’t get to the task yourself? Your admin can do this in the Exchange Admin Center or Microsoft 365.

Once you’re logged into the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and then to the Exchange Admin Center, navigate to Recipients Mailboxes. The trick to this is to now select your account profile icon from the top left and choose. “Another user…”. 


Scan to Email in Microsoft 365

Legacy SMTP settings are missing when you try to set up a physical multifunction device, so we must use a third-party service. Ever since Security Defaults have been  implemented on

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Computer Problems

When I worked in corporate IT about 100 years ago, the rule was 15 minutes of maximum support efforts on a problematic machine, then the protocol was to drop the

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Which Microsoft 365 Plan?

Choosing which plan is right for you can be a daunting excursion into the realm of Microsoft licensing. Can you purchase the least expensive plan and and share that one

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