Set Out of Office Reply as an Admin

You might be able to set the automatic reply in Outlook yourself, but what if you become ill or injured, and can’t get to the task yourself? Your admin can do this in the Exchange Admin Center or Microsoft 365.

Once you’re logged into the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and then to the Exchange Admin Center, navigate to Recipients Mailboxes. The trick to this is to now select your account profile icon from the top left and choose. “Another user…”. 


Group Policy Analysis

Sometimes you just can’t say it any clearer than Microsoft Docs:   “Group policy objects (GPOs) are used on-premises to configure settings on personal computers, and other on-premises devices. In device management,

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Intune: Terms & Conditions

Keep your employees accountable with Terms and Conditions acceptance. To the left shows the Intune setup in the Endpoint Manager portal. To the right is the end-user experience. “Require that

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OneDrive Silent Installation

You want your new employee laptops to have the users’ OneDrive accounts available to them without IT admin involvement. Set up an Intune device configuration profile with an administrative template

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Prevent Device Unenrollment

You’ve issued corporate-owned laptops and want to retain control over them, so you don’t want the end-users to unenroll their Windows 10 devices from Intune (Endpoint Manager) themselves. Your firm’s

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Intune: Device Enrollment

“Intune lets you manage your workforce’s devices and apps and how they access your company data. To use this mobile device management (MDM), the devices must first be enrolled in

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