Intune: Device Enrollment

“Intune lets you manage your workforce’s devices and apps and how they access your company data. To use this mobile device management (MDM), the devices must first be enrolled in the Intune service.” – Microsoft 

The network has moved beyod the confines of the office network, but it remains within the confines of your cloud infrastructure. It is with Intune (part of Micorsoft 365’s Endpoint Manager portal) that we can protect your firm’s data, the heartbeat of any information-driven business. For example, we can prevent copying & pasting of the firm’s data into an unauthorized app.

Another function of Intune is to deliver specified apps to your employee’s devices. Once the device is enrolled, then it must comply with the configuration profile created that mandates these apps as “Required”.

One common method for enrollment is called BYOD where the end-user downloads and installs the Company Portal app, then it leads the end-user through a wizard to authenticate with your cloud infrastructure (Azure Active Directory) and subsequently enroll the device (Intune). But this method is not foolproof by any means; devices need to be updated first to best comply with the process. And proper licensing has to be in place, as well as some pre-configured settings like setting Intune as the MDM authority.

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