NOTICE: People found that this was too confusing, so we now only provide an all-inclusive managed services plan @ $250 per month per seat (fully-licensed end-user). Cloud backup is included, as is the Microsoft 365 E5 licensing, migrations services, planning, training, and tenant administration.

As the Office 365 cloud platform has evolved, so has the manner in which we service organizations attempting to leverage the Microsoft cloud. 

In days of old, we charged the client by the hour. Then came the idea of selling blocks of hours as prepaid services. And then came along the Managed Services Provider (MSP) concept where clients were charged monthly by the number of devices and/or device types, or by the number of licensed end-users.

Cloud 365 Solutions now introduces an innovation where we charge a minimum monthly fee of $365 as a retainer, but these funds are used to satisfy the underlying pricing model. Our new model puts the emphasis on tasks and their importance. The client determines the level of service required for a specific tasks, and enters that by setting a level of priority within Tasks by Planner & To Do, Microsoft’s web-based planning tool that integrates closely with Microsoft Teams as a tab in a given channel, but usually within the General channel of a team in Teams dedicated to providing support for the client. By setting the priority level, the client also determines the pricing that will be applied to their monthly invoices.

Some of these tasks would be pre-determined or pre-approved within the support agreement as ongoing maintenance items; such a task (or ticket) would be set at the Low priority, which constitutes a built-in charge of $37 as a maximum 15-minute task per device or system configuration setting. On the other end of the scale, an emergency would have the priority of Urgent, where it would mean “drop everything else and pay attention to this now”. A task such as this would have the price tag of $300. That said, $300 would be the minimum to initiate such a task, but the maximum time allotment would be 120 minutes (two hours). Any time required beyond that task’s set minutes would warrant hourly billing at $150 per hour.  

In effect, Tasks by Planner and To Do becomes not only the help desk ticketing system, but integral to the billing system itself, and all according to the degree of urgency set by you, the client.


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