Meetings in Private Channels

We can not *schedule* a meeting in a Private Channel (Finance channel above with padlock icon), however, we can use the Meet button (above/right) to initiate an ad hoc meeting. 

The ability to schedule a meeting is in review as of 12/2/2020:

We can see below that when we try to use the Teams scheduler, we can only see the General channel when trying to schedule a meeting. We should be able to see the Finance and Legal channels, however, they are private channels and therefore hidden to the scheduler: 



Also, in regard to external guests:

Private channel meetings and calls

External guests can join a team’s private channel meeting or Meet now call, but there are a few things to know.
  • They’re only able to participate if a member of the private channel sends them a link to join the meeting, or calls them during the meeting to meet now.
  • During the meeting or call, they’ll have temporary access to chat, files, whiteboard, notes, and the participants list (those not in the Outlook invite), but not afte
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